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表演活動 Performance
Sole Divinity - Shenzhen 2019
Sole Divinity - Hong Kong 2019
Jon Shen & JAZoove Mixtape 2018
LUV Jazz and Funk - UK 2017
Chinese Song UK finals - UK 2017
Jon Shen - Spain 2015

JON Music's in-house music artists have held many personal concerts and regular shows all over the world. They are mainly active in music festivals, concert halls, live houses, music competetions and so on.

JON Music的音樂家們已在世界範圍內舉辦許多個人音樂會和常規表演。他們主要活躍在音樂節、音樂廳、現場音樂廠牌、音樂比賽等。